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Carlos Zambrano with the no hitter!

First no-hitter since Milt Pappas!

Milwaukee loses and it's a 7 game lead!

Now *that's* a pitcher I want in the playoffs.


wow. And I didn't get the damn game here in South Bend on WGN. Thank god for the ESPN cut-in.

Go Cubs!....attt-a boy Zam, atta-boy!!!!!!


Doh. I knew i should have

Doh. I knew i should have kept it on ESPN. I followed it on yahoo game center. Not nearly the same but i'll take it.

I watched the whole thing on

I watched the whole thing on FSN Houston since it wasn't on WGN. Simply beautiful

All hail Big Z

What shoulder problems? Ive been waiting for Big Z to throw a no-hitter for years. He has gotten SOOO close SOOO many times. Well Deserved!!!


That's about as good as it gets, friends.

And not to be nit-picky here, but the Cubs are actually up 7.5 games now!

Another Fun Fact...

and oh yeah, the only person to throw a no-hitter in Miller Park is a Cub, and not against the Brewers!! Chances of this happening again? Again, wow.


missed it

Man these blackout rules just need to go away.
People will still fill the ball parks if the team is worth a crap.
I was going to game cast it but forgot.

I always miss the good ones.

One last thing

Im sure others have said this somewhere on the site, but just in case---Astros 0 hits, Holy Shit Carlos Zambrano, 1 hit...not only did he no-hit them, he OUT-HIT THEM AS WELL.


FYI to those who didn't see

FYI to those who didn't see the game, WGN will telecast the game again on FRIDAY night at 10pm.


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