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GROTA Game Cast: Do or Don't?

Something other websites often do for games is a running gamecast.  We've never done that at GROTA, although Jason took a stab at one a week or two ago.  I'm still not 100% sure we're ready for that, but I thought I'd put it out to the Goat Readers as a vote: should we create a Game Cast thread and follow the games on this site?

My own personal feeling is that it might be a lot of fun, but one of the changes we are still working on - as far as I know, anyway - is the comments features on this blog.  Maybe it's something we'll do once we've got a finalized comments tool.

Regardless, the game starts soon.  Ike has left is humid, rainy trail across the bread basket and into Canada.  The Cubs - heh! - host the Astros as the road team in Milwaukee.  It should be an interesting game.

Wheres the game cast live?

Wheres the game cast live? lol i have no coverage on tv.... extra innings and wgn are not picking it up, atleast in my area. help!

I'm so pis**d off right now...

Not on WGN here either. The cubs site says it is, but I'm getting Newhart reruns.

MLB.TV my friends. Here in

MLB.TV my friends. Here in Canada, it's the only way.


I live in Indianapolis and MLB apparently thinks I live too close to Chicago, as the Cubs are blacked out here on MLB.TV.

I've tried complaining, but every time I try to contact them I get a message saying the contact service is "not currently available, please try back later." I've been trying back for 2 months.

I would get mlb.tv but i have

I would get mlb.tv but i have mlb extra innings! lol

Oh well. Cubs up big, and Zambrano is pitching a no hitter so far. Think he still has a "dead arm"?

Dead arm

I don't think he has a dead arm...I think he has an injury.

BIG_Z !!!!!!

i havent been this excited in week's!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!! I can't believe

WOW!!!!!!!! I can't believe one of the few games i miss all season is the game i was going to watch but wasn't able to and Big Z throws a NO hitter! WOW.... I'm speechless.

That was AWESOME. It was a

That was AWESOME. It was a perfect storm of events.

1. The Cubs are playing in an unusual situation

2. Carlos is coming back from injury questions and a long layoff

3. Most of us couldn't watch the game because WGN and MLB dropped the ball

A game recap will follow

Sure. Why not

If you can do it, you should go ahead. But let me suggest that the game thread run separately from the blog.

If not on the main page, then

If not on the main page, then on the reader blog, then?

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