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Brenly remains in booth

The Daily Herald is reporting that Bob Brenly has signed a contract extension with the Cubs that will keep him in Chicago until 2012.

Len and Bob
Photo Courtesy of WGN TV

Brenly has been a pleasant surprise in the booth.  He was the direct replacement to Steve Stone, but with memories of Joe Carter still crapping about in our heads, it would've been hard for him to be a bad pick on the part of the Tribune.

I think many people are surprised because Brenly probably wants to manage again someday, but there are two things to remember:

1. Lou's probably gone after another year, and while bench coach and ex Tigers skipper Alan Trammell is probably the first in line to get the gig, Brenly knows that Hendry would probably consider him, too.

2. If another team comes calling, much as San Diego almost did two years ago, then Brenly probably reserves the right in his contract to leave for other pastures.

I know that some of us want what's on the other side of the fence - a return by Stone would have been nice, as he's a legend, and Mark Grace will always be the one that got away.  But while Stoney is without a doubt the best in the business, I've heard nothing to believe that Gracie is better than Brenly.  The Cubs have a great duo in the booth these days, let's be happy about it and let's hope that Chip Caray, Joe Carter and their ilk remain a thing of the distant, painful, can't-forget-soon-enough past.

Good stuff

It would have been a shame to break this team up as they've developed a nice relationship.

Just heard Stone...

for the first time last week on the radio. I happen to be flippin' thru the AM dial and there he was calling the game.

Yes, he's the best. And I miss him in our booth. But the tandem of Kasper and Brenley have been a pleasant surprise. I like their back and forth...their give and take.

We are pretty fortunate to have a couple guys that are likeable and professional.

Now if I could only get the interface unit that can sync my radio signal with my TV so I don't have to listen to Fox and ESPN during the playoffs.

Go Cubs!

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