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Why don't we do it on the road?

The Tribune reported earlier today that the Cubs-Astros series remains up in the air.  Although structural damage did not occur at the Juice Box, the Cubs are apparently refusing to fly down to Houston until no earlier than Monday.

In his post, Goat Reader Luke mentions the possibility of a game played in Atlanta.

I don't really care where they play, so long as they do it soon.  The ironic thing is that Alfonso Soriano said a bit ago that the negative of the extra time off is that the Cubs might lose their rythym.

Uh, Fonz, you've lost like 7 of your last 10.  I'm just saying.

The Astros, meanwhile, are one of the hottest teams out there.  Seems like the time off could be more of a negative to them than it might be to the Cubs.

Update: The Tribune is reporting that two games have been scheduled in - of all places - Milwaukee.  Goat Friend Paul Sullivan writes:

The Cubs and Houston Astros will play two games in Milwaukee, one on Sunday night at 7:05 and the other Monday afternoon at 1:05. The Astros will be the home team.

Luckily for Houston, the Cubs are unlikely to get a large crowd of fans willing to drive from Chicago to Milwaukee in order to see two extra Cub games.  Equally fortunate for the Astros, the Cubs haven't shown a tenacity at winning ballgames in Milwaukee this year.

Put it to you another way: score.

What would happen if MLB

What would happen if MLB announced tonight that there would be a Sunday double-header in Houston with a late start time - say 4 PM - and the Cubs refused to fly? Would the Cubs automatically forfeit both games?

I would think the odds of that scenario have to be extremely low, but with Bud Selig, anything that stupid is possible.

Milwaukee here we come

Two games have been moved to Milwaukee and the Astros will be the "home team." Sunday's game will be played at 705pm and Monday's game will be played at 105pm. I suppose for those of us outside of Chicago, ESPN's blackout rules on Sunday night will not allow us to watch.

Good stuff. I hoped it'd be

Good stuff. I hoped it'd be Milwaukee more then Atlanta anyways. I do think there will be a very solid following of Cubbie blue at Miller Park. It will be turned into a home game for the Cubs no doubt. What about ESPN and it's coverage? The game isn't on ESPN, it will be aired on WGN. The Tigers @ the White Sox will be aired on Sunday Night baseball though.

Jason Marquis has been solid for the Cubs last several games, but in his two starts this season against the Astros, he's been pure garbage. 11.2 IP, 8 ER, 5 K. Granted, we won both games with great offense and solid bullpen work.

And in case you're wondering about Randy Wolf, his last start vs. the Cubs (Sep 3) he pitched a CG shutout, 6 hits and 8 Ks in a 4-0 win. However, at Miller Park this season, Wolf is 0-1 in two starts, 8K, 9 ER.... thats a 9.71 ERA at Miller Park.

Marquis hasn't pitched at Miller Park this season but was solid there in his one start there last season, for what it's worth.

I think Wolf and Houston have

I think Wolf and Houston have been playing way, waaaay above their heads. Without Carlos Lee to pummel the Cubs, the 'stros are due for a pummeling.

According to Sullivan...

...Zambrano is pitching the first game of the set, with the pitching schedule from then on out a total mystery.

They're waiting on Lou. He's

They're waiting on Lou. He's trying to convince Carlos to return to an every-5th-game schedule. The Moose wants to pitch them all.

haha I guess i got all those


I guess i got all those stats up for nothing eh? Even better if Zambrano pitches. No disrespect to Marquis, but almost 2 full seasons now as a starter for our ball club and i still don't trust the guy.

So who is goin the one of the games?

Im more than likely goin Monday night. Im plannin on buyin the tickets tomorrow though just because me and my friends aren't sure who all is goin for sure. 25 bucks to sit in the bleachers, so thats where were sitting!

Hope you know first pitch on

Hope you know first pitch on Monday is 1pm.....


I know its at 1 monday, idk why i put monday night. Thanks though

It's going to be Wrigley

It's going to be Wrigley Field North and maybe a preview of what things will be like when they have to renovate the team's home park for a year or two!

Gotta Tell Ya

Just got married yesterday and had the reception at Wrigley last night. Kinda happy they didn't relocate to Wrigley (despite the rain) or else we'd have had to scramble for a new venue.

Go Cubs. See you in 2 weeks, post-honeymoon.

Stinky!!! Congrats!

Stinky!!! Congrats!

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