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Cubs vs. Astros in Atlanta, Georgia?

There is a news report out on the internet tonight that the Chicago Cubs against the Houston Astros series will be moved to Turner Field, Atlanta, Georgia due to Hurricane Ike hitting Texas sometime Saturday morning. My guess is, teams fly to Atlanta Saturday morning, play in the night, then Sunday and finish the series in Atlanta on Monday. The Braves are in New York all weekend to play the Mets.

In my opinion, i honestly don't care where they play, but this time off isn't helping us any. Sure, it's extra rest, for now, until we need to play doubleheaders. The Cubs were coming off two stright wins and play a series against a red-hot Astros team. The sooner they get back in it, the better i think.

Just let them play! Speaking of rain outs, Milwaukee @ Philadelphia was also rained out tonight.


You may be wondering, who i am. I just joined this awesome Cubs blogging web site today and am very fortunate to find this place via the ESPN article on Cubs fans where they mention one of the founding members of this web site. My name is Lukas and i moved to Chicago from Poland when i was 7 years old. About 7/8 years later, me and my family moved to Rochester, NY where i began a new life, and loved the area alot and even went to college. I had always hoped to return to Chicago, but with college, i found my girlfriend, and now have a good paying job. I always visit back atleast twice a year. I follow the Cubs via several Cubs fan sites, WGN and MLB Extra Innings. The Cubs have become a major part of my life. I can't live without them. I could speak about them for as long as i love.

Here's a picture of me at a Cubs game few years ago when we played the Reds. I'll try to post often, hope you guys like my messages and my rants. lol



I forgot to add - I'm 24

I forgot to add - I'm 24 years old now.

Thanks for joining, Luke. I

Thanks for joining, Luke. I hope you enjoy it here. I also like the hat you're wearing in that picture. I have a similar one with the Cubbie bear logo that I think is awesome.

Personally, I'm with you. Let them play!

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