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Did the Cubs Get their Groove Back?

As I was interviewing Kurt Evans today on my radio show, I asked him how the Cubs were gonna get their groove back…we didn’t really have any definite answers, other than start winning.

It’s too early to tell if they got their groove back, but two wins like the ones they have had in the last two days will help.

Rich Harden goes six innings, gives up 5 hits and two runs. Quality start. The Cubs show patience at the plate, score the first run of the game on a walk. Good start. Kerry Wood records two hair on fire saves…good start. Wood getting 45 year old Albert Pujols to pop out to end the game with runners on first and second? Good start. The Brewers lose on a night when the Cubs win. Good start. Put Ol Yeller (St Louis) out of its misery? Good start.

The Cubs were not flashy or fantastic the last two games, but they got the win. They have a winning streak again, something they have not had since beating the Phils two in a row August 28th and 29th.

With Hurricane Ike advancing into Southeast Texas, the next two Cubs games against Houston have been postponed. The entire series might be postponed for that matter. I am not sure where the Cubs are going to go and wait the storm out, but they will have a couple of days rest before embarking on a very challenging end to their season against teams that have playoff ambitions.

Carlos Zambrano gets a little more time to rest that shoulder of his. And they get to do all of this while resting their heads on their pillows having beaten St. Louis two of three.

A five and a half game lead with 16 games to play. That’s a pretty good lead, a fairly safe lead.

The Cubs should be the #1 ‘seed’ in the NL Playoffs. They will probably face the Dodgers, who have a good pitching staff, but they don’t have the firepower starters that Arizona has.

All of the sudden, in the span of 24 hours, things are looking up in Cubdom. And Kurt Evans is a national sensation.

All is good in GROTAland.

A national sensation? Me?

Nah. I think that bald guy in his 40's is going to be a superstar, though. He's got charisma!

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