Goatriders of the Apocalypse

15 Minutes, or at least 5, on ESPN

You guys might be interested in reading this article, written about yours truly, on ESPN as told by Wayne Drehs. Go read it and enjoy.

Still pissed off he chose Billy Corgan over me

jk...CONGRATS!!! This is super duper huuuuuge


That ought to be your new nickname Kurt. I'll DVR it Sunday.


One of the first things I do in the morning is check out ESPN. This story played very well and it brought tears (of joy for you) to my eyes.
You may not see it the same way that I took it ... but to me it is validation for you and your wacky obsession. I think that's cool.
If you were a Red Sox fan it wouldn't be an obsession, let alone a wacky one. Geez.

I may have to dvr that so I

I may have to dvr that so I can watch it, cause lets be honest I wont be up at 8 am on sunday.


Anybody catch Billy Corgan's f-bomb? Haha

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