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Blind Faith or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Cubs

Stuart Scott's Eye checking in.

If anyone reading this has checked out my separate blog, ROFLsports.com, they know I can be somewhat of a negative take on slides like the one the Cubs find themselves stuck in right now.  But, part of being a Cubs fan is feeling that spiral sucking you in yet being unable to do anything but root for them to succeed beyond all probability and likelihood.

Until this year.

This year is different.  This year is special.  I can say that I will be crushed if the Cubs don't do what we all hope they will finally do this year, but even if they don't 2008 will be a significant year in the annals of Cubdom.

It seems that at every turn, the Cubs are breaking franchise records.  For the first time in any of our lifetimes, this team looks not just good but great.  The squad is solid and the pitching is top-notch.

Every year since 2003, a friend of mine would call me and discuss what the team needed to do to plug holes for the next season.  We would argue trade scenarios and basically play fantasy GM for the North Siders.  This is something I know many Cubs fans have done.  It is something you have to do in order to maintain sanity, especially during those Dusty Baker seasons.

But I haven't done that this year.  Sure, I fantasized about getting Sabathia and who else could solidify this team.  But for the most part I was very content to just watch them trot onto the diamond and show every team who the big fish was in the National League.

I was so confident in this team that on June 6, 2008 when my second child was born, I gave him two middle names: Clark Addison.

My wife, who has been a Cubs fan longer than I, did not protest.

She has told me all season not to get my hopes up.  She looks at me wearing my jersey and jumping up and down and yelling that this could be the year and shakes her head.  She has seen the collapses.  I know the skeletons in this team's closet, but cannot shake the fact that something feels different this year.

For the first time in almost a hundred years, success for the Cubs is like the wind blowing out and a home run is just waiting on deck to be hit out of the park.

Go Cubs Go!

Fan survey

Just wondering...might be interesting to take a survey of optimistic vs pessimistic Cubs fans. Are the still optimistic fans younger than the "hoping for the best expecting the worst" fans who have seen more heartbreak ? I guess Kerry Wood is still a little rusty! Can't wait to see him come in bottom of the ninth in the NLCS three outs away from the world series with a one run lead. Get the defibrillators ready !

Well said, SSE. Thanks for

Well said, SSE. Thanks for posting

Playing GM

Is playing GM like playing doctor? Smiling Anyhow, I'm with you SSE... I wanted the Cubs to sign Alex Rodriguez. I wanted them to trade for Johan Santana... and I didn't want them to trade for CC Sabathia... but that's been the sum total of my GM'ing this year. It's tough to second-guess a well constructed team... it also doesn't hurt that after creating a written record of my GM'ing abilities over the past few years (this here blog), I realize that I don't have the first clue about how to be a decent GM.

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