Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Perhaps, I'm starting to sweat

Perhaps you've been busy. Perhaps work is taking its toll and you haven't been able to devote the unseemly number of hours to the Cubs that you normally do. Perhaps its been the best Cubs season of your life, and perhaps your lack of commitment to the team is tearing you apart inside.

Perhaps the team was cruising along until you accidentally tore the little hole in the September page of your Cubs Convention calendar... or perhaps its because Rich Hill is gracing said page of the calendar which hangs in your bathroom and you've been too spooked to poo for ten days*.

Perhaps the team has caught a case of the hiccups, or perhaps its falling apart at the seams.

Who knows? But perhaps your deoderant, which worked just fine throughout those hot summer months isn't working so well. Perhaps you shouldn't panic... but perhaps it's time to get worried.

*Perhaps this is the same GROTA. Poo jokes! HA!

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