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Thank Goodness for Football; This Swoon is Killing Me

I live in Iowa, and we don't have major league professional sports. That's not to say people are not fanatical about them here, because they are. It's just that once the college football season begins, the state of Iowa shifts its focus to all things Hawkeye and Cyclone.

But there are a ton of Cubs fans in Iowa. We have the I-Cubs right here in town, Chicago is only a 5 hour drive from Des Moines, and a three hour or less drive from a million and a half of the state's residents. It's Cubs-Cards country here, mostly Cubs.

So folks stay in touch with what is going on.

I host a daily sports talk show (1460 KXNO) and your Kurt Evans has been a weekly guest this year. He has talked me off the ledge a few times, because I have gotten to the age (late 30's) where I just don't have time to suffer along with the Cubs. I no longer consider myself a die hard. I am a die easy Cubs fan. Like, France rolling over in WWII easy.

For instance, I jumped off the bandwagon last year when the Cubs gave up that 5-1 9th inning lead against the Mets. I puked right along with Santo, but I was done. Then when A-Ram hit the game winning walk off homer against Milwaukee in late June, I came back to the party.

That's sort of how I am these days. If that ticks you off, hey, I have given my nearly 30 years of fandom to this team...up your....wait, I was gonna go Horshack here, but many of you may not remember him.

All of this brings me to this year. I have been high, I have been low...not low as in the depths of the mines of Moria low, just frustrated. I am frustrated a bit right now, but thanks to college football and my Hawkeyes being 2-0 right now, that's my tonic.

What has amazed me since the start of August is how the Brewers and Cubs have been in lockstep with one another. Chicago is 21-14 since then, Milwaukee 22-14. The Cubs are 1-6 in September, the Brewers 2-7.

Who will rediscover their mojo first? I think the Cubs have a better chance, because Zambrano has been nicked up, and Glass Joe Harden has been spending his days doing...well, anything but pitching.

So the Cubs have more of an upshot here. But winning in the playoffs is about confidence, swagger and pitching. Do the Cubs have enough of any of that right now? Does anyone in the National League have that right now? Not so much...so I hold onto the hope that the Cubs will somehow suck less than the rest of the league the rest of this month, and be the least suckiest team in the NL come October. (Suck is an approved word in these parts, based on my reading this year).

OK, they don't suck...perhaps its just my attitude...but I miss those August Cubs...and if this doesn't turn out to be THE YEAR, then I'm out....at least until next season starts, and I go through it all again.

Deja Vu Cubs

Exactly 100 years ago tonight, September 11th, the Chicago Cubs winning percentage was exactly the same as it is tonight, .603 - Spooky. Maybe it IS our year to win the World Series.

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