Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Still no recap, just a few more thoughts to share

There have been times this season when Kerry Wood has most resembled Rod Beck.  Sometimes he all-out dominates, other times it seems to be a real struggle for him to find his command.  While the Cubs should have won yesterday, and while Wood should have gotten a save, it sure would have been easier if he hadn't walked runners and given up a leadoff hit.

The Cubs have the day off.  I can't help but wonder if Lou and Sinatro will be trying to drive to St. Louis; wouldn't it be funny if they wound up in Iowa?   Eh, probably not quite as funny for them, even if Iowa is a hell of a state.

Since this is a pretty wimpy post to start the day, I'll mention one other thought that's been floating around my brain.  The last 10 games of the season - and the final 5 in particular - should be very telling about the team and their momentum going into the playoffs.  If they finish Sept as they started it, I won't put too much hope into the concept of Post Season Glory.  But if they are able to end the month strong, the sky's the limit.

Beating the piss out of the Cardinals right now would be a good start toward ending the season.   

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