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A thought on Cubs fans

We could follow a team with the best record in baseball and a damned-near 5-game lead on the second place team, and we'd still only be satisfied if the Cubs win 120 and beat every opponent by 10 runs ... until they trail in a World Series game by 1, at which point we'd say it's all over but the cryin'.

Cubs Fans: Keeping Ambian in Business since 1909 

This is the very definition of a cubs fan

It is so frustrating how so many Cub fans prepare for another disappointment by assuming the worst. It is painful being a Cub fan, but I believe you have to believe in them when they are winning. Yes it hurts more when you fall for it time after time. 100 years of heartbreaks. But Chicagoans are tough. We can take it.


I resent this post Smiling

I can't help it. It's called self preservation.

But at least the Brewers lost tonight...to San Diego!

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