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Game Recap: Phillies 5, Cubs 3; lost chances

For those of us who were calling this four-game series a playoff preview, I'm sure there must have been a pervasive sense of disappointment when the Cubs failed to take 3 of 4.  Blame Lou Piniella and Jim Hendry, who apparently decided that nothing exciting had happened for a while, causing them to reach into their bags and roll the Cause Random Stress Dice, landing on Carlos Zambrano: Arm Exhaustion. 

Consequently, Sean Marshall made an emergency start today.  The Phillies blasted him for 3 in the first inning, and although the Cubs were able to amass 11 hits and 2 walks, they just never seemed in the game.  By the way, let's take a moment to give props to Jamie Moyer, who won his 12th game of the season today.  The 45-year-old lefty now has 241 wins in his career.  Oh, and did you know he started with the Cubs in the same season as a future righty Hall of Famer 42-year-old?  I wonder what the statistical odds are of two pitchers starting off together on the same team in the same year and then still pitching 23 years later while combining to win 594 games?  I'm not stupid enough to say that it would have made all the difference in the world, but I can't help but wonder what things would have been like if Moyer and Maddux had won all those games as Cubs.

I digress.

The Cubs finish the month of August with 20 wins, and they now enter September needing 15 to reach 100.  Maybe it'll happen, maybe not, it really doesn't matter no matter how often we or others talk about it.  Milwaukee beat up on Pittsbugh some more today, and they are now 4.5 games out of first place.  A friend of mine told me weeks ago that he'd be far less nervous about the team if they entered September with a 7 game lead.

Well, they couldn't do it, but let's not forget the lead they have on the current Wild Card team right now.  

More content will come in this post later, like when I wake up tomorrow.  I'm exhausted. 

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