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Very short Game Recap: Phillies 5, Cubs 2

Apologies for nobody on the blog posting yesterday.  Double apologies because this will be a short one, too.

The Cubs 7-game winning streak skidded to an end yesterday.  Ignoring that they won their first 2, the Chicago offense has been a little slow since it last saw Pittsburgh pitching - who, appropriately enough, are now letting the Brewers bring the hurt.  I get nervous whenever the Cubs offense stays home for a string of games, because what's stopping them from doing that in the playoffs? 

However, before we walk down that road, let's not forget that there are perks to having the best pitching in baseball.

We'll have more for you later today, on this your holiday weekend. 

For something completely different...

As of this morning, the Asstrolls have a better record than the D-backs.

Go NL West!!!

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