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Marmol 1+

With an out in the 8th, the Cubs are turning to Carlos Marmol to finish the game.  His theoretical 1.2 innings of work will be the 14th time this season that he's thrown 1+ innings of work.

Sidebar: before I could even finish my second sentence, Marmol notched his second strikeout in as many batters.

Now the question is, in his 13 previous multi-inning appearances, how did Marmol do?

Based on my hurried observation of the stats, he's allowed 1 run to score in 3 out of his 13 multi-inning games.  His ERA in multi inning games is, in 21 innings,  1.29. 

As nerve-wracking as these close games are, it's comforting to know that Marmol is used to this situation and he tends to rise to the occassion.  Now, if only the Cubs would tack on a few runs before he comes back out for the 9th... 

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