Goatriders of the Apocalypse

St. Louis decaps Milwaukee

A few hours ago I stumbled across the Cardinals-Brewers game.  To my dismay, in the 8th inning Milwaukee held a 3-1 lead against the Cardinals, but I noticed two things: 1. Milwaukee had turned to their bullpen and 2. the heart of the Cardinals lineup was due up.

Suffice to say, the Cardinals won tonight's game 5-3.   That is ultimately Milwaukee's fatal flaw.  C.C. Sabathia can't pitch 9 innings every time out, and even then he's saving the Brewers from their bullpen no more than every 5th day.   And while Milwaukee has a stellar offense and a scary rotation (at least, for a short series), their bullpen is mediocre at best.  They have a couple of stellar middle relievers, but in any game which requires the use of 3, they will be in trouble.

The Cubs enter the series tomorrow against the Phillies with the second biggest divisional lead in baseball.  They are up 6 games on the Brewers - who have the second best record in the NL - and 9.5 games on the Cardinals.  A strong showing against the Phillies is important, as Milwaukee faces the Pirates.  But wouldn't it just be awesome if the Pirates surprised the Brewers while the Cubs dominate Philadelphia?

Unlikely, yes.  Possible ... well, anything is. 

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