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Stay calm, Cub fans

A few weeks ago, after a Cubs loss I wrote something along the lines of "to the shock of everybody, the Cubs will not win every game between now and October."

As the Cubs surge ahead toward 100 wins, after having won their 5th straight, after getting to 33 games over .500 in August, after going more than a month now without losing in back-to-back games, let us not forget that they will lose again, and sometimes they'll even lose badly.

In fact, the Cubs will almost certainly go through one more phase in which they lose 3 straight, and 5 of 7, and maybe even 7 of 10, and there will be Cub fans out there who will act as though they've just had the air deflated from their party baloons.  However, what will remain true is this:

The Chicago Cubs are the best team in the National League.

The funny thing about baseball is that there's a whole lot to consider even beyond the most detailed, complicated statistic, and I think that momentum can play a huge part in winning throughout the playoffs.  Last year's Cubs entered October having slid toward the end of September.  This year's Cubs will work to reverse that trend. 

In other words, the Cubs will play another run of bad baseball before the year ends.  It's bound to happen.  The question is, will it happen before or after they've left Milwaukee in the dust?  Will it happen near the beginning or end of September?  The answers to both of those questions interest me greatly, because if the Cubs enter the playoffs as strong as they've played so far in August, then it will be hard for any team or any curse to stop them.   So stay calm, Cub fans.  Don't panic if things look scary again, if only for a few days.  I've said it before and I will repeat myself now: this team is too damned good to fall apart.  Consider this a happy reminder of that fact.


bad streak

I vote for the middle of September as opposed to either end.

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