Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The hard(en) figures

They probably didn't need him to win, but the Cubs landed big when they acquired Rich Harden from the Athletics right before the All Star Break.  Since Harden's trade to Chicago on July 8th, the Cubs have gone 23-14, a .621 winning percentage.  Harden, meanwhile, has pitched in 8 games.  His record is 4-1, his ERA is 1.47.  He's struck out 10 or more 5 times, he's given up 2 hits or less 5 times.   The Cubs as a team are 6-2 in Harden's starts.

In other words, Rich Harden has been an outstanding addition to the team, not that you've needed me to tell you that.  The Cubs have probably the best starting rotation in the game this year, their bullpen is better than it looks statistically, and they are offensively solid in every position.   I know I keep saying it, but only because it's not every year that I can. 

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