Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Cubs vs. Nationals - really really short series preview

The Cubs have won 75% of their home games, and the Nationals really, really suck.

If there is any justice in the world, the Cubs will sweep this series with extreme malice aforethought.

You may recall a couple of weeks back, when Kurt penned some posts about the Overwork of Carlos Marmol, during the stretch of time Carlos Was Getting His Groove Back. This also happened to be a time when Wood was soaking his blister in pickle juice, or Moises Alou's peepee, or whatever foreign substance finally served to toughen his skin. I felt I understood Uncle Lou's motivation at the time to get Carlos some ninth-inning reps, for future reference.

Marmol is back to being the Marmolator, but now I find myself coming over to Kurt's camp. Sure, I like seeing his filthy-ass stuff as much as the next guy, but I know that you can't run the stud out there every day. The human arm DOES have a tendency to fall clean off the bone when it is asked to perform the unnatural act of throwing corrosive sliders day after day. It can unhinge itself at the elbow by shearing its ligaments, or at the shoulder by tearing its labrum.

Point is, if all goes as planned, we should have three eighth-inning leads to hold this weekend, as well as three ninth-inning leads to close. Let's see somebody else besides Marmol and Wood out there slamming the door?

UPDATE - Soriano just stole home. Need I say more about the Nats?


Grand Slam for the Nats. You said too much too soon.

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