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Game Recap: Reds 2, Cubs 1




Sorry Cub fans, but apparently our team won't be winning every single game from now until the playoffs.  It appears that even at Wrigley Field, the Cubs will lose from time to time. 

Ted Lilly lost for only the 4th time since his terrible start to the season, although he pitched well.  Lilly went 7 innings, and gave up only 2 hits and 2 walks while allowing 2 earned runs and striking out 7.  His ERA is down to 4.25 after this game, and I remain confident that he'll someday settle south of 4 on the season.

Offensively, while the Cubs walked 5 times, they only managed 3 hits and 1 run.  (Somewhere, Dusty is shouting "see!  I told you so!")  

Alfonso Soriano allegedly cost the Cubs the game by failing to catch a flyball.  There are a few insane Cub fans out there calling for the Fonz to be benched for Scrappy White Player Reed Johnson, but as previously mentioned, those fans are nutso.

The thing about Soriano is this - yes, his defensive miscues are always concerning.  He sometimes loses focus on the bases and gets picked off.  But for now, his pure talent surpasses his few flaws, and while he may be a stupid baseball player, he's not a selfish one.  Perhaps someday, when his talent can no longer cover his flaws, the Fonz will be hated, but until that day comes, he's a hugely valuable asset.

The Cubs play the rubber game tonight.  Carlos Zambrano has reportedly been working himself into a red rage for the last two days in preparation for this outing.  He needs a win.

It's Goat Riders vs. Kinky Reggae today

You're up against one hell of a competitor in the Douchebag Tournament. Good luck, but I don't think you can take down Kinky Reggae.


Yeah, I wanted the

Yeah, I wanted the ego-inflation of getting past Round 1, but there's no way I want to actually win this thing. So, Goat Rider Army, go vote, don't go vote, just don't vote for us!

Although I would heartily encourage all Goat Readers to show their support for Mastrick, who wrote on this very blog for a brief period of time. Believe me, the dude belongs in the Final Four.

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