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Game Recap in Brief: Marlins 2, Cubs 1

I'm away from home tonight, so there isn't a lot of time for any recap.

Instead, I will leave you with these thoughts:

1. Bob Howry tried his hardest to give up a homer in his inning of work, but the Marlins managed to non-chalantly turn their backs while whistling, allowing him to escape unscathed.

2. Henry Blanco was recently voted most likely to shiv you in a shower.

3. I can't say that I blame Fontenot for not throwing his tiny frame across the plate in an attempt to make contact with what should have been called a ball.  However, after the home plate umpire called it a strike the first time, then Fontenot should have been playing a more defensive game with his bat.  

4. Can't win 'em all.  Gotta take 'em one day at a time.   God willing, the Cubs will catch them the next time.  Let's wait and see what happens.  And other cliches.  Go Cubs.

Cubs were shaving points

There should be an investigation into this one to see if Lou had cash on Florida, with the lineup he put out.

Of course, I am kidding. But when I come around here, I suddenly start thinking things like that. Must be Kurt's influence.

Honestly, when I saw the starting lineup that the Cubs put out there, I expected the streak to end. More rest for Derreck "I'll rest when I'm dead" Lee, Geo Soto and Aramis Ramirez...

I expect to see them all in the starting lineup today, something the Marlins have not seen yet in this series.

Gotta hand it to Marshall and the entire staff...nice job on the night.

You can't win em all...which ticks me off.

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