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WebMD says US gymnasts, Ramirez could have cellulitis issues

If you're like me, then last night's good times came to a sudden hault when Aramis Ramirez had to leave the game with lower body injury.

Accopanied with my confusion over how Bob Howry still pitches in baseball and how little woman flip themselves around on a 4-inch beam (yeah, I was doing a little channel-hopping), I was quite paranoid that some higher power had struck again by injuring one of our most clutch players.

Yeah, you heard me...I'm talking about you (points to the sky with rage).

Anyway, team doctors have diagnosed A-Ram with a hip contusion (AKA hip pointer) and have listed his status as day-to-day. But this quote really had me questioning them...

"I couldn't breathe down there," Ramirez said. "I thought it was real serious, because I couldn't breathe, but I'm good now."

Now I'm no doctor, but when you can't breathe, that's probably not good. 

Since things are never what they seem when it comes to the Cubs with injuries (do I even need to give you an example), I decided to look up what exactly a hip contusion is.

According to my insider sources...

"A hip pointer is an injury is to the iliac crest, the bony prominence that can be felt along the waist line. When someone sustains a hip pointer injury, the bone and overlying muscle can be bruised. In more serious cases of hip pointer, the hit can be so severe that a fracture of the bone results. While the treatment may not change, a fracture will likely cause a delay in healing and more painful symptoms."

So it looks like everything is going to be OK, but just to have all of our bases covered, the other possible injuries that Aramis according to WebMD, errrrrr, the Surgeon General include:

Fractured hip, Hematoma, Tendintis, Abscess, and...way for it...Cellulitis.

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