Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Hendry down on farm - looking for final pieces

Described as an annual "farm tour", Cubs GM Jim Hendry attended the I-Cubs win last night over New Orleans.  If I were a talented player, perhaps a player who has already seen major league action this year, and currently holds a major league batting average over .370, I would be heartened to know that the Big Boss is here to see me rake.

Daryle Ward has a .100 batting average as a pinch hitter.  He cannot run nor play the field.  If he manages to get on base, we almost always have to employ yet another bench player to run for him.  Last night he got a sac fly to drive in a run, and it seemed like a major victory for him.  Like the scene in "Little Big League", when Billy Hayward's favorite player broke a 0-for-21 slump with a seeing-eye squibber to right...it's time to put the Fat Kangaroo out of his misery.

Jimmy, bring home more than just some funnel cakes and beef jerky from your trip.  Bring us some Micah Hofpauir, and some bullpen help while you're at it.  I'm stickin' the fork in Bob Howry.  He's done.

Bob "Homerun" Howry

Bob Howry has lost all ability to pitch! DUH !
Earlier in the year it was Michael Wuertz stinking up the joint, but now Howry is filling that role.
Lou has given him every oppurtunity to pitch his way out of this funk, but enough is enough already. Bob has got to go. How can Lou have any faith at all in his ability to pitch. He came into a game with a 7 run lead, and he let the Braves right back into that game last night. Daryle Ward has turned into a totally useless offensive or defensive bench player. Both of these guys should be put on waivers immediately. I'm sure they won't be picked up, but we do get the oppurtunity to dump them and their salaries. Micah Hofpauir should be on this team right now. If the Cubs have any chance of getting to the World Series this year, they can not afford the dead weight of players like Howry and Ward.


Turned into a totally useless defensive bench player. Long ago my friend, Long Ago.


This is MLB. Putting a player on waivers only gets rid of him, it doesn't get rid of that players' salary.

Waiving Bobby is not the smart move. Place him on the DL until September when you can expand your roster to 40. Give him a few weeks to clear his head, etc.

The man's a quality big league pitcher. He's hit a bad spell now, but that doesn't mean you should cut ties with him when there is an excellent alternative option.

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