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Feeling good about the Cubs

There has been some worrying as of late because those pesky Brewers have refused to go away.  Well, sure, they're playing great baseball right now, but so are the Cubs.  Here's a little comparrison between the two:

On July 12th, the Cubs were 57-37.  The Brewers were 6 games out in the loss column at 51-43.  Since that time, Milwaukee has had an 8 game winning streak, they are presently riding a 7 game winning streak, and with a few road bumps excepted, they've been one of the best teams in baseball.

And yet, they are still 3 games out of 1st.  Maybe we should be nervous that they are closing the gap, but as Andy Dolan noted at Desipio, they haven't exactly had the toughest schedule during their recent run.  Since July 1st, they've accomplished their great surge by beating on teams like Pittsburgh, Colorado, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Cincinnati again, Washington, and now San Diego. 

Hey, the American Legion softball team could probably go .500 against those teams.  It's not shocking that the Brewers are beating the teams they should be beating.  But how are they doing against good teams?

Including their series against Arizona, since their recent run, Milwaukee is 6-6 against teams that are competing for the playoffs right now, including the Cardinals, D-Backs, and Cubs.  They aren't exactly world breakers.  

The Cubs, meanwhile, have played 17 games against teams of similar stature in the same time frame, and they are 11-6 against those teams.  They include the Cardinals, D-Backs, Cardinals again, Marlins, and Brewers.  

In other words, I feel good about the Cubs.  They've lost ground, but they've done better against good teams.  They will, in all likelihood, continue to play well, and I'll be very surprised if Chicago's not the first place squad in the NL Central, and the Brewers are not the Wild Card team.

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