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I've got the '04 Cubs on my mind; or Waiting For an October

Four years ago this month, I went on a road trip with my fiancee. The year previous, 2003, we had driven out west - from Toronto to Golden, B.C. (look it up on a map, it's a long, loooong haul) before swinging back east and stopping in Chicago on the way home. The 2003 trip had taken 2 weeks. In 2004, we chose to go about half the distance in the opposite direction, also in 2 weeks.

That 2 week trip can best be described as a time in which I desperately spent every moment trying to find an internet connection in order to learn about how the Cubs were playing. Every minute on the road entailed me looking for sports stations to tune into, and every moment in which we'd stopped at rest stations or information centers consisted of me logging onto the internet to see the latest box score.

At the end of the month, on our way home, we paid a visit to Montreal where we saw Greg Maddux and the Cubs take on - and defeat - the Expos. It was Greg's 13th win of the season, and, if only briefly, the Cubs looked like a World Series was inevitable.

As we watch the Cubs surge toward another possible playoff appearance, as we observe a Cubs team that is perhaps the most dominating of any of our life-times, let's remember that there are no real promises in baseball, only hopes. Nothing is ever guaranteed, and while Chicago may very well be reversing the curse this season, they may also implode again in the last week of the season and fall apart in epic and heartbreaking fashion.

But whether they do or don't, I have fond memories of 2004, and I will have fond memories of '08, as well. And as I sit here in an office with the world moving forward just outside my window, I can't help but wish to be on the road again, desperately searching for a sports station with the latest scores while my fiancee reads me another passage from The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, waiting for an October that would arrive differently than any of us had planned.

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are in the tourney and your poll is open. http://www.anothercubsblog.net/index.php/tournament

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I'm voting for Mastrick.

I'm voting for Mastrick.

What's the story behind you and Mastrick?

He kept showing up in our chat room early on in the season and was spewing some awful hate about you. It was ridiculous. I finally banned the guy, but have never known what was up with it.

He briefly wrote for GROTA.

He briefly wrote for GROTA. We fired him because ... you guessed it.

I wish I had known

who he was before he had shown up at ACB. Would have saved me some time and irritation.

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