Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Lou spits hot fire

It was a little more than a year ago when the Cubs found themselves trailing the Milwaukee Brewers until Mount Lou exploded liquid hot magma all over an unsuspecting third base umpire. As we all know now, this was the turning point of the 2007 Cubs season as it set the team down the path that eventually lead to the Cubs overtaking the Brewers and winning the NL Central.

Few can explain how Lou’s tirade altered that magical season. Perhaps all his screaming and yelling allowed the field to be blessed by his saliva, which has been said to be made of holy water. Or maybe it was simply a Prison Mike ploy to scare his biatch-ass players strait.

Whatever the reason is, the world may never truly know.

Now let me take you back a few weeks ago when the Cubs came stumbling out of the second half gate.

After entering the All-Star Game with commanding 5.5 game lead over the division, the Cubs went 3-6 and allowed the Brewers to tie them for first place.

On the day the Cubs lost that sixth game, things may have changed again. During a close game at Wrigley Field with the Marlins (and the Brewers only a half game back), Mark DeRosa slid headfirst into first base and was called out on a bang-bang play.

Following a small avalanche of anger from first base coach Matt Sinatro, Piniella-horn erupted again out of protest and frustration.

While the Cubs went on to lose that game (and lose their division lead over the Brewers), the seeds were perhaps planted for another magical run.

The Cubs won their next five games (including a 4-game sweep of the Brewers in Milwaukee) and have gone 8-2 with their only losses coming in close games in which the Cubs were held scoreless.

Now I realize there is still a little less than 1/3 of the season yet to be played, but maybe what we saw on July 26 against the Marlins was another turning point for the Cubs.

I really can’t explain it and I don’t want to get ahead of myself (especially with Jason Marquis pitching today…shiver) but when all is said and done in 2008, maybe this will be the moment where everything changed.

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