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Photoshop suggestion thread

You've probably noticed that I've been churning out a huge number of photoshops this summer - and some of them are even funny!  I've been trying to average 2 per series, although I only produced 1 for the most recent Pittsburgh series and I've yet to craft an image of Carlos (not Cliff) Lee killing the Cubs. 

As you can imagine, the more the Cubs play the same teams over and over again, the harder it gets to think of a new, originally, funny image.  Therefore, I'm making an open call for photoshop suggestions in this thread.  There's no promise I'll actually do the image you're asking for, but if I have the time and incliation, I'll certainly give it my best shot.

So, fire away your suggestions, GROTA Army.  I'll be happy to see what I can do. 

Phillies Series

Can we get one of Brett Myers beating his wife? A bit off color, but well worth it?

Smartass Suggestion

Do a split like the Bill Bixby/ Incredible Hulk using Cliff Lee and Carlos Lee? You won't like him if he gets angry. Sorry. : ) Couldn't help it.

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