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Game recap: Pirates 3, Cubs 0; Come Down

Does anyone else think this has the makings of a let down game. Coming off a HUGE sweep of the Brewers the Cubs now face the Pirates, a team they have decimated. It seems to me that the Cubs could be looking past the Pirates and their next opponent, the Astros, and looking towards a big series against the Cardinals. - Goat Reader kcassidy


Hey, when you're right, you're right.  After having beaten the Brewers to within an inch of their lives on the road, the Cubs returned to Wrigley Field yesterday only to see their resurgent offense shutdown by a young ex Yankee who had previously never done anything worth writing about.  

While that is surprising, the real shocker of the game probably comes from Jason Marquis, who pitched 6 strong innings of 3-run baseball.  He was complimented by Neal Cotts, Jeff Samardzija, and Carlos Marmol, who combined for 6 strikeouts in 3 innings of relief work - or 4 more strikeouts than what Marquis got his entire start.

Offensively, it was there, but it just wasn't clicking.  The Cubs drew 7 walks, they managed 5 hits, but as a team they left 8 on base and were unable to deliver the killing blows.  A week ago, that was par for the course and we would be very frustrated and nervous right now.  Today, we are probably more apt to see it as a blip in an otherwise unstoppable offensive machine, and I for one expect retribution tonight against the Pirates.

Pirates Win

no need to panic

The way I see it is that we have favorable pitching matchups today and tomorrow. We win these games and we have a 6-1 week. I'm pretty sure that if you told me last Sunday we'd go 6-1 this week I'd call you a dirty stinking liar.

A friend of mine turned me on to this blog a few days ago. Great stuff guys.

Not surprised

Given the Cubs' track record against pitchers they've never seen before, it doesn't shock me that the Butt-Pirates of the Allegheny took the first game. I have been a little worried about the Cubs playing down to their competition, but they did take the last two of the series.

I'd like to strangle Gaudin, though. The lead he gave up today cost Big Z a win, and me 1st place in my fantasy league.

I suppose I can't really complain, though. I don't watch or follow any baseball other than the Cubs, and I'm only close to first in my league by pure luck. But, $500 is $500, so SUCK IT UP CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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