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Game Recap: Cubs 6, Brewers 4 - All according to plan

Before I left for work this morning, I took the liberty of preparing a game line as usual, and then I forgot to upload it.  So, it will be added tonight after I get home from work.

Yesterday, I basically speculated that the Cubs are set up to do very well in this series, if they could do the improbable and beat Sabathia.  After all, with the possible exception of Zambrano-Sheets, Chicago favors well in every other match-up in the series.  They now find themselves in a very positive position, if they can continue to score on the road.

Yesterday's offense was sparked by Alfonso Soriano, again.  The Fonz hit his 2nd homer in 6 games, which means he's already within shooting distance of the total I thought he'd finish with in the second half of the season - 5.  

Soriano's bat was complimented by Derrek Lee, who went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI, including the game-winner in the 9th.  Lee is now second in all of the NL in game-winning RBI this season, with 11.  You know who's not on that list?  Adrian Gonzalez.  I'm just saying.

On the pitching-front, Ted Lilly went 6 strong, allowing 3 earned runs.  He was denied the win, however, because of Bob "DFA" Howry - the DFA standing for Designated For Assignment.  So far this month, Howry has a 7.80 ERA.  He's given up at least one or more earned run in 6 of his last 9 outings.  Howry is a walking gas-can, a modern day Bob Patterson, and if the Cubs insist on keeping him around then he needs to be used exclusively in mop-up rolls.

Speaking of mop-up, Ron Santo probably had to take a mop to his forehead last night with all the sweating that he must have been doing in the 9th.  Carlos Marmol came in, mowed down the first 2 guys he faced, unintentionally/intentionally walked Prince Fielder, and then had a little bit of drama getting the last out of the game against Gabe Kapler who eventually smacked a deep fly that came up just short.

If the Cubs can win tonight, they will have guaranteed that they will leave Milwaukee in first place.  With Zambrano squaring off against Sheets, it will be no easy feat, but it's possible.  Hell, maybe it's even likely.  ...but, probably not.



Marmol walked Kendall in the 9th (how did that happen?). Planet Fielder was walked by Gaudin in the 8th (although it may have taken him two innings to get there).

You're right, and I was

You're right, and I was wondering when somebody would notice that. This is what happens when you write a recap while exhausted.

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