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Game Recap: Astros 4, Cubs 1 - Offense promises to get back from vacation today

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It's apparently hard to win baseball games when your sole offensive contribution is your moose-like starting pitcher.  Carlos Zambrano tried to git 'er done by himself last night, but his solo homerun in the 7th wasn't enough to make up for the 4 runs he gave up to the Astros. 

The good news - The Cubs managed to account for a respectable 9 hits, including 3 from the leadoff man Ryan Theriot.  The bad news - they failed to capitalize on any runners-on situation in the game.  Consequently, they are relying on a pitcher who has yet to win a game on the road in order to avoid an opening-series sweep to start the second half.

Carlos was ineffective-at-best.  He pitched into the 7th, but he walked 6 and surrendered 6 hits.  Before the break, Zambrano was on a pitch count and he delivered two very effective performances.  It's likely that the Cubs are no longer monitoring his arm, consequently we saw a return of Erratic Carlos.

Chad Gaudin, meanwhile, continues to pitch well for the Cubs.  He finished up the game with 1.2 innings of no-hit, no-walk ball, and he is quickly ascending to the position where he may need to supplant Marmol as the setup man of choice for Lou.  

The Cubs play to avoid the sweep today.  Look at it this way, folks.  We know they have the firepower, we know they have the arms, the offense will come around soon enough, and today is as good a time as any to lay a whuppin' on an NL Central opponent. 

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