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Too Long

After 15 innings and about 6 hours, the AL All Stars came out on top of the NL team last night in New York. Should the Cubs advance to the World Series, they will play no more than 3 at Wrigley.

I would again like to take a moment to comment on the ridiculousness of the value of the All Star Game. It's supposed to be fun. It doesn't have to have meaning. It's hard to say if it actually is a good representation of a match-up of the best against the best, if only because 1. The're all good and b) the object is more to get all your players into the game, rather than to keep your very best players around in order to ensure victory.

Therefore, I actually think that there should be an explicit No Extra Innings rule in the All Star Game. If a contest is tied after 9, the players should all trot off the field to their respected dugouts and the coaches should be given about 10 minutes to pick the 4 best homerun hitters who will then take alternate turns hacking away at 10 pitches in an impromptu homerun derby.

Fans love the homerun derbies. Imagine if one actually counted for something. Imagine a box score that reads NL 3 (14) AL 3 (11). That would be cool.

And a clarification:

To expand on one thing - while I'm saying that they could do something apart from having 15 inning All Star Games, I'm not saying that MLB should use the All Star Game to weigh home field advantage in the World Series.  That needs to stop.  It's ridiculous. 

Instead, home field advantage needs to either alternate each year or go to the team with the best record. 

How about this...You still

How about this...You still make ASG worth homefield advantage IF the game can be won in 9 innings. If the game is tied after nine, then just call it a tie and give homefield advantage to the team with the better regular season record when the meet in the World Series. It's the best of both worlds and it takes the pressure off the ASG managers to use pitchers who aren't ready/health enough to play.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Let me know. It just seems to make sense.

The only words I have to describe how paint-drying dull...

...the extra innings in last night's game were, I can't print on this site. Okay, well, I guess "skull" is acceptable. That's one of the words.

As far as homefield advantage, I just tell myself that it goes to whichever league has the better record in interleague play. It's a convenient lie.

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