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Harden: The content gift that keeps on giving

Goat Friend Paul Sullivan writes that, were you to imagine a scientist-type holding a smoking glass container with prongs, then that would be an accurate description of how the Cubs will handle Dick Harden. 

He notes, The Cubs plan on doing everything possible to keep Harden healthy, short of keeping him in a protective bubble. They will give him an extra day between starts, and could even skip a start on occasion. 

Additionally, Sullivan says, He will throw a bullpen session for Rothschild on Thursday and will start Saturday against San Francisco after Jason Marquis goes Friday.

Manager Lou Piniella said Harden would start the fourth game of the second-half in Arizona on July 21, which would give him eight days off if he makes his Cubs debut on Saturday.

If he doesn't pitch this weekend, he will have a two-week break between starts.

Kind of goes back to what we've been discussing, and, to some extent, discounting.

No commentary necessary from me, except to say that as long as Harden is healthy in October, I don't much care what happens between now and then.  

I still say you have to start him...

...if at all possible. I understand the need for a certain level of caution. But if it isn't going to cause him permanent damage to pitch this weekend, and they sit him out, can you imagine the tempestuous swirl of dogfukk that the media will generate? This kind of stuff derails teams...

Not Quite....

Im pretty sure this is a veteran enough team that sitting Harden until after the break wont "derail" them.

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