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Factoid that may only interest me

Kyle's story was steak sauce, but that ain't the factoid.

I heard this on the XM:

The last two pitchers that were acquired in mid-season and won a World Series game that they started that year:

Jeff Weaver for the Deadbirdz in 2006;

Mike Torrez for the 1977 Yanks.

And you really can't count Weaver - his deal was not exactly of the Blockbuster variety.

Maybe this will help some of you feel better about the Brewers picking up CC without his periods

Wasnt Schilling a midseason

Wasnt Schilling a midseason pickup for the D-backs in thier championship season. 2001 I believe. Did he not earn a win in the Series?

Nope, he was picked up in

Nope, he was picked up in 2000.

I have gone ahead

...and completed the phrase to include "...won game that they started that year". So although Kurt anticipated my meaning, technically cjax you were not wrong.

But, yeah, you were.

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