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Should Soriano play in the All Star Game?

As the All Star Game nears, Alfonso Soriano is becoming a topic of controversy and conversation.  Naturally, he wants to play - even if it might make him appear a little selfish, at the end of the day it's very human of him to want to be there.   However, he appears unlikely to return to the Cubs until the series after the break - assuming he doesn't do a rehab stint first - and the Cubs may be interested in protecting him from the unnecessary risk of injury, thereby denying him a place in the All Star Game.

While I think it's pretty cool that the Cubs have so many players at the game, it isn't entirely necessary that they all play.  I for one would much rather see Soriano wait and come back healthy.

Besides, the objective of the All Star Game is to win homefield advantage for the World Series.  Considering that his timing will be off even if he's healthy enough to play, I'd rather Alfonso not take a bat out of the hands of the NL All Stars. 

Regardless, the man heals fast, doesn't he?





No. If he suits up for Chicago before the break, then yes. If not, no way would I allow him to play in that game or take part in any of the onfield events surrounding that game.

I entirely agree...

...and not just because he let me on the radio the other day. If he suits up for this weekend's series, then fine. Otherwise, he must not participate


couldn't we consider the All-Star game a chance to get a couple of free swings against live, major league pitchers? I mean, he probably won't take a rehab stint, so here's his chance.

Personally, I like the idea.

Would you rather

Historically, (this may not be true) Fonsi takes a week to warm up after an 'injury-break'. Let's say that Fonsi will cause any team he plays for to lose his first game back.

Would we rather he play one bad game for the NL and possibly cost us home field advantage in the WS, or would we rather let him take that loss in a Cubs uniform.

Does it matter if we're not thinking like that? (i.e. Cubs won't make WS anyway, or one extra loss could cost us playoff slot.)

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