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Sabathia a Brewer

ESPN reports that, in an attempt to piss on our parade, the Milwaukee Brewers have acquired C.C. Sabathia from the Indians for a slew of minor leaguers and 1/100th of the soul of every Brewers fan.

As Colin would point out, Sabathia will start perhaps 14 more games this season.  Without looking at the numbers, I'd assume that, in those 14 games, C.C. might be able to win perhaps 3-5 more games than whomever he's replacing in the rotation - in this case, probably Seth McClung or Dave Bush.   

The area where Sabathia becomes dangerous - at least, in my opinion - is in the post season, where starts get amplified and having two really good pitchers can carry you through a series far more easily than if you have one really good pitcher and a couple of average ones.  That said, Milwaukee still has to get there, and while it appears that whomever finishes second in the NL Central is playoff bound, we can keep our fingers crossed and hope that a) that isn't the case and b) the Cubs retaliate with a big trade of their own.

I would have to surmise that A.J. Burnett has now sprung to the forefront of any Cubs trade talk.  He very well might be the best option for Chicago, and I can't help but wonder if Hendry will step up his time table a bit and pull a deal within the next two weeks, rather than toward the end of July. 

I'll run the numbers later tonight...

...but I think 2-3 wins is probably more correct, and even that might be highsiding it.

That was actually more my

That was actually more my original guesstimation, but I gave him some extra credit.


As was pointed out, this only matters if they make the playoffs.

The good news is that if the Cubs make them, along with the Brewers, they could not face one another in a short series in the first round.

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