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Game Recaplet - Marmol won't be fine, probably

Cubs lose 8-3.  We struck out a lot against Tim Lincecum, which happens often.  Not cause to smack the panic button.

Carlos Marmol is useless, though.  Time to smack the panic button.  We need to find out if there is some substance somewhere in the Cubs' clubhouse, uniforms, somewhere that makes otherwise confident grown men like Marmol and Hill shit themselves when on a pitching mound.

Trust me on this one, kids...he will never throw an important, successful pitch for us ever again.  You'll see Hill up here before Marmol gets himself straightened out.

Time to re-evaluate just who is untouchable and who isn't, because if Hendry doesn't make a trade for some quality pitching help in the next seven days, then the mopes across the street on Sheffield need to start planning on adding another digit to the EAMUS CATULI board.  Because this team, as constructed, ain't winning no pennants.

That is all.

Wow, thats pretty rash. I

Wow, thats pretty rash. I believe we COULD use a little pitching help, but I respectfully disagree with your doomsday opinion. Marmol will be fine...eventually.

Lou is the biggest reason

Lou is the biggest reason Marmol is struggling, he is pitching his arm off the way Dusty did Prior. Give the kid a few days off to get his head together and work with his pitching coach, no Lou keeps putting him out there in critical situations. I say let him take tell after the allstar break off, hopefully he will come back fresh, but no way uncle Lou will keep throwing gas on the fire. As far as the season being over in 7 days take it easy dude, get off the ledge. Every team has struggles, the last I checked even with Soriano, Zambrano,Johnson,Ramirez and Eyre missing time the last 3 weeks the Cubs still have the best record in the N.L and have held a 2 and a half to 4 and a half game lead in the division.

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