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Game Recap: Cubs 6, Giants 5

Hwhaaat?  I still do game recaps?  I know, it's shocking to you all.

Anyway.  The Cubs have proven these past few weeks that it's going to take more than mere logic to turn them into a good road team.  This has been further exampled by the team's difficulties with the lowly Giants - a team whose crappy pitching is only surpassed by their incompetent hitting.   And yet, on the heels of a game in which the Giants pitching stomped the Cubs hitting, the Giants bats came alive Frampton style last night and kept things interesting long after the Cubs should have battered them into submission.

The Cubs were leading the game 3-0 and then 5-2, but San Fran managed to briefly tie the game after a 3-run homer off of the now-troubled Carlos Marmol before Mike "Of All People" Fontenot  hit the game-winning homer in the 8th.  

On the starting pitching front, Ryan Dempster had perhaps his best road-outing of the year, although he has yet to win a game outside of Wrigley.  As good as he's been, that's bound to change.

Offensively, I must now spend a brief moment expressing my burgeoning man-love for one James Patrick Edmonds, who, as a Cub, is now batting .292 with 8 homers and 24 RBI in 35 games.  His Cub OPS is .981, and if he can fail to fall off the face of the earth, then the Cubs will have a very dangerous lineup when Soriano returns.

Oh, and as far as Marmol goes - no worries.  He struck out his first 2 opponents last night, but he was clearly rusty.  Beyond that, he threw 19 pitches, 13 for strikes.  

The Cubs play for the series win tonight.  It should be interesting. 

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