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Even more odds and ends

I was tempted to write the series preview this morning, but if I want to have enough time remaining to clean myself before work, then that's not a real possibility. Instead, I offer a few, rambling, random thoughts about the Cubs on this, your Tuesday morning.

  • Colin already covered everything.

That was easy! Have a great morning!

...just kidding. I actually do have a few things to add.

First and foremost, I do agree with Colin about the troubles the Cubs have seen. If you happen to work in a place where you have to deal with idiot fans of inferior ballclubs, don't put up with their guff. This has been no easy journey for a Cubs. Sometimes they've needed a compass, a machete, and a Native Guide To Be Consumed When Food Runs Out.

Second, I might as well take the time to address a few comments made about Joe Morgan. It's been discussed on other blogs, and this time around it really seems to be upsetting Cub fans, but it's no new thing. In case you missed it, Joe Morgan has, for years now, been calling the basket in the outfield "Banks Boulevard," because of the number of homeruns hit by Ernie that landed in the basket. In other words, Morgan has subtly been implying that Ernie wouldn't be the legend he is were it not for that basket.

Except the basket wasn't installed until something like May of 1970; after which Ernie hit perhaps no more than 8 homeruns in his career at Wrigley Field. It's a total, complete fabrication by Joe. Now, some Cub bloggers are threatening to boycott ESPN until Morgan apologizes, which I think is both self-riteous and pointless. Instead, I submit to the Cub Fan Nation in general and the Goat Rider Army in particular that you do something which will actually have an effect - heckle the crap out of Morgan at every opportunity. If he does a live chat on ESPN, go there and blast him. If he's scheduled to call a game at your local ballpark, intentionally get bad seats near the press box, go with signs, and rip into him. It should come as no surprise to baseball fans that Morgan is a tool, and he's always displayed a bias against the Cubs. So, screw him. Make his job hard.

Third. I've been meaning to ask Des Moines radio host Jon Miller about the availability of Iowa Cubs jerseys in his area. I've always been fond of the home jerseys of our AAA Cubs, but they are almost impossible to find on the internets. Point of fact, I'm considering taking the next step in Cub geekdom by acquiring a number of minor league jerseys - the Smokies home uniform is cool, the Peoria road jersey is nice, and the Iowa home uniform belongs in my closet. Oh, and lastly, I'm sad that the Cubs jerseys have names on the back. It's so much classier when they don't have them at all.

We'll have a series preview for you later, and I'll blog again in a while. Have a great morning.

Not to be repetitive but

Joe Morgan is a Effin Ahole.

I hate to become a Joe Morgan troll but after Sunday night I couldn't take it anymore.
Something snapped. I couldn't listen to Ron & Pat like I normally do when that chucklehead is on because my radio wasn't around.
And I couldn't escape to the white sox broadcasters so that I could at least get a good nap in while i watched the game.
I compensated by playing the soundtrack from Conan the Barbarian over and over again on my stereo to try to drown him out.

The Iowa Cubs jersey seems

The Iowa Cubs jersey seems to me like a cross between the home Expos jersey from 1992 until the move to Washington and the Cubs road jersey from 1994-1996 (http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page....). I wish they'd go back to that road jersey, it's a lot better than their road right now IMO.

I'm with you

I like the Cubs script logo. Too bad it only exists today on some merchandise. I remember some commentators say it looks like it says Cuba than Cubs though.


His comment on Banks Boulevard again shows how ignorant he can frequently be...My son (recent college graduate) is anxious to meet Joe Morgan and tell him:"Hey Joe...we have 2 things in common...we both played 2nd base, and Ryne Sandberg is better than both of us!!"

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