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Game recap: Cubs 7, White Sox 1; it matters for only one reason


A guy goes away for the weekend, and everybody decides to take Sunday off? Sheesh!

I was thinking on the way home from the rodeo. I've said for years now that the Cubs-White Sox series matter little to Cub fans, and greatly to Sox fans. I think that that's because, although only immortals are old enough to remember the last Cubs World Championship and the White Sox claimed a ring just a few short years ago, the Sox will always be the little brother of the North Siders. However, I realized about an hour ago that this series was huge to me, but only because the Cubs swept a first place team and continued their home-field dominance.

Things are definitely better in Chicago than they were five days ago. It now appears that Carlos will return and ace the Cubs into the playoffs. The team's first three-game skid was reversed with a sweep of the first place team in the NL Central. Ryan Dempster continues to amaze me, as he pitched into the 9th inning before being chased by a couple of light Sox hits. Dempster allowed a solitary earned run, walked 1, and he left the game with a 2.63 ERA on his season. And points to Howry for stepping in in the 9th and taking care of things with minimal damage.

Offensively, the Cubs are right back to where they need to be. While only collecting 8 hits - 2 more from Aramis, who's hit 4 homers in the last 3 games - the Cubs drew 7 walks and took every advantage of the shaky White Sox. You know, I always worry that when the Cubs play the Whites, we'll see a repeat performance of the brutal '99 season when the Sox rocked the Cubs and contributed toward their eventual, all-encompassing downward spiral of craptacular play. It never occurred to me that the Cubs could do the same thing to the Sox. Depending on what happens next weekend, we might witness that very thing.

All told, because I was gone for the weekend, you missed out on the photoshops I crafted for the series. I now say "tough crap." You'll get them for the next one. But, for your enjoyment, I give you the image I did for 35th Street:

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