Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Game recap: Rays 8, Cubs 3; and here our troubles began


In the past few days, we've seen the following:

  • A possibly devastating injury to Carlos Zambrano, who will miss at least one start as they determine if something is seriously wrong with his shoulder.
  • The self-destruction of Carlos Marmol, who walked the first two batters he faced in the 7th, then he hit the next two batters he faced in the 7th, before exiting the game in disgrace only to watch Scott Eyre put down his chunk of fried chicken and surrender a grand slam, a triple, and 2 freakin' doubles.  Point of fact, I'm calling shenanigans.  There was some jackass in the stands reflecting light into our pitchers eyes.  It's the only explanation for this atrocity of an inning.
  • The first three-game losing streak of the season.
  • The first sweep of the season.
  • Al Green live in concert.  In this case, we is me, and I just got back.

But there's good news, folks!  Although the Cubs suffered 3 tough losses to one of the best at-home teams in baseball, the Cardinals have also suffered 3 tough losses ... in their own home ballpark, no less, to one of the worst teams in baseball.  A silver lining if I ever saw one.

However, because I did not see, nor did I closely follow this game, I can't really offer much more feedback, apart from the sick feeling that comes with any outing in which our top setup guy throws 20 pitches, 7 of which were called strikes.  

Series Recap: We always knew there'd be days like these.  Now comes the real test of this team - how do they bounce back from the most dejecting three-game set of the year (and not just because they got swept)? 

Those where tough losses to

Those where tough losses to a tough team at home, Im more worried about Big Z then the sweep or the WhiteSox. The Sox had some fun against the Pirates but against a real team like the Cubs I say gm1 Lilly and the Cubs 5-2, gm2 Sox 5-4, gm3 Dempster and Cubs 8-3. Cubs 2 of 3 this weekend.
Kurt lee made another error tonight and had 3 meaningless singles and struck out in a big spot. He will get hot and have a couple of nice weeks, but more and more often now He is proving me right he is no longer an elite player, His OB% is way down, I dont think it will be long before Ramirez replaces him in the 3 hole, and if Fukudome excels(by the way I was the first to suggest he should bat leadoff while Soriano is out) at leadoff Lee could be droped even further down while Soriano bats 4th.

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