Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Good teams / Big Expectations

As we nervously ponder the fate of Zambrano, I just felt the need to make a few points:

  • I have to disagree with Rob. Today is not must-win, although it'll be huge if the Cubs do win. GOATDIRECTIVE #1 - DISAGREEING WITH ME IS FORBIDDEN! FAIL!!
    Rebuttal from Kurt:
    Up yours, old man!
  • The New York Yankees will be unable to use their Wang until September. This is unfortunate for them, as the uber-hot Shannon Elizabeth will be coming to visit them in August, and she apparently wants to get it on. Regardless, the Yankees are playing hot right now, and are 5.5 games out of first place.
  • Boston, who is in first place in the hard-fought AL East, has an All Star rotation on the DL. They are without their Colon, Schilling, and Dice-K. (So they've lost an important body part and their money, but they can't gamble anyway because they are without their dice. Fine, this one wasn't as funny as the Wang joke.)

There are probably other relevant examples, but the point is simple - good teams can win without their best pitcher, or pitchers in some cases. While I am somehow optimistic that Carlos will be back soon, should the worst happen I will still expect the Cubs to compete and win. But, especially, I will have to hope and demand for an upgrade in the rotation. It will be a necessity ... if it wasn't one already.

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