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The quick DON'T PANIC YET pre-bedtime post

I'm sure that more than one Cub fan out there has his stomach in knots tonight as we wait to find out what's up with Carlos. Was it another neck/shoulder cramp? Is it something more serious?

Because I don't flinch in the face of bad news, one scary thing to consider: somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that there has yet to be a pitcher who's signed a contract as long and expensive as Carlos's without suffering a major arm or shoulder injury before the deal was complete.

Now for the good news: Carlos has had plenty of weird cramping/soreness injuries in the past, but he's never shown warning signs for arm or shoulder damage. Point of fact, he's worked a heavy load for his age, but he's beyond the age where he shouldn't be working a heavy load. Statistical guys make a big deal about PAP - pitcher abuse points - but my understanding is that they are supposed to serve as a gauge for young pitchers, and that it's a different case once a guy gets past a certain age (in fact, I may have learned that from Colin, who may have mentioned it on this very website in the recent past about this very same pitcher). My suspicion is that Carlos is more likely to eventually lose movement/velocity than he is likely to Tommy John or Mark Prior himself.

So, don't worry. Or worry, but don't panic. As a wise man recently told me, there's no need to panic for tomorrow, as today has enough worry of its own. That's two wise men I'm referring to, in case you misunderstood - the one who said it, and the one who repeated it to me.

Oh, and apparently, Jim Edmonds might also be hurt.

Cub injuries are like caffeine - they keep you up all night, and with too much over a short period of time you run the risk of ulcers, getting the jitters, and anxiety. That's a photoshop if I ever thought of one.

Update: ESPN is reporting that Carlos will have an MRI.   On a positive note, the Big Moose said after the game, "I'm feeling better already," and he came very close to convincing Piniella to let him stay in... which hopefully lends to the Just Being Cautious theory.

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