Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Game Recap: God 1, Hall of Fame Game 0

Yes, I’m actually watching the Hall of Fame Game. Yes, I was watching “Maury” during the rain delay. Yes, the game is going into its second rain delay as I write this (Fingers crossed for more “Maury”, I need to see the results of the of the lie-detector test!). And I am completely convinced that the Hall of Fame Game is an abomination against baseball.

As Len Kasper is now informing me and the rest of TV land, the game has been called off.

I’m all for supporting the tradition of the game, but this is just too perfect. I see this at yet another sign that someone upstairs wants the Cubs to go all the way. Thanks big guy

Let's put up the "W" flag because no one got hurt and everyone gets to rest...that's got to be considered a victory in a MEANINGLESS game.


Why can't they get

Why can't they get newly-retired players to form teams and play? That would be kinda cool. They could have the guys who retired under a cloud of drug-speculation play the guys who retired because they're old ... even if it would be a one-sided affair.

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