Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The shadow of things to come

Not too long ago, I speculated that if the Cubs were able to win even 14 games in the month of June, it would be a small victory. Twelve days into the hardest month, the Cubs have already won 8, meaning they would have to go 5-11 the rest of the way out for this month to be considered a "failure."

However, as I've also mentioned, the Cubs have been outstanding so far this month, and I think we all agree that if they went 5-11 into July, we'd all be freaking the eff out. We'd be singing doom, we'd be yelling gloom, things would be real ugly in Wrigleyville. But, while we all have to believe the Cubs are capable of winning more than 14 games this month, what exactly are they facing here on out?

First and foremost - 3 games on the road against the 34-34 Jays, who are 17-15 at home.

Then, 3 games on the road against the 38-28 Rays, who are 24-10 at home.

Then, 3 at home against the 37-29 White Sox, who are 17-20 on the road.

Then, 3 at home against the 32-33 Orioles, who are 15-22 on the road.

Then, 3 more against the Sox, who are 20-9 at the Cell.

Then, going into July, the Cubs play 4 in San Fran, against the 30-37 Giants, who are 13-19 at home.

Then, the Cubs play 3 at St. Louis against the 40-28 Deadbirds, who are 21-13 at home.

In other words, in their next 22 games, the Cubs will be playing 16 on the road. They will play 18 of 22 against teams with records close-to .500 or better.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's a rough road and the Cubs will be proving their mettle in the next 3-or-so weeks. It should be interesting. And, will they win at least 5 of the next 16? Cripes, I hope so. As rough as that schedule is, the Cubs are damned good. I look forward to their upcoming World Domination Tour.

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