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Soriano out six weeks

For the second straight season, Alfonso Soriano is going to miss a tremendous amount of time due to a freak injury.  Last year, the Fonz injured his leg while hustling for third.  This year, he'll be out for more than a month after suffering from a broken hand on what may have been a bean ball.

So much for the advantage of a St. Louis team without Albert Pujols.

Unlike his leg injury of last year, which merely cost him his speed, Soriano's injury is likely going to effect his production for the rest of the season.  Much as Derrek Lee wasn't the same after breaking his wrist a few years back, it's likely that when the Fonz returns, he won't be coming back with his homerun swing.

Well, silver lining - maybe he'll be a better leadoff guy if he can't rely on hitting homeruns.

Minus the silver lining - the Cubs are in for a rough six weeks; this may very well be the test of who they are as a team.  They are complete enough to win even without Soriano, or at least, that's what I keep telling myself.  But the objectives have changed - where before the Cubs were perhaps a 100-win team, we now have to lower our expectations.  If they can exhibit even a .500 record in the next six weeks, we'll have to be satisfied.  If they perform worse than that, we'll have to accept that they could and should get better when he returns.  And while Jim Edmonds and his offensive production was before a luxery, it now becomes a necessity - the Cubs will need him to step up and perform while Soriano recovers.

All that said, the Cubs are well on their way to winning again tonight, and they could and should sweep the Braves tomorrow.  But, as I mentioned not too long ago, they have an incredibly rough stretch of games coming up.  2008, which until recently looked very, very easy, just got stressful. 

Cox and Bennett are C@#K S#$K@!S

We lost the Fonze because of a piece of crap 3rd rate fill in pitcher, who had as much a reason to be out their that I would of had. Thank you very much Bobby Cox you bobble head piece of S#$T. Not only was Alphonso having a great season on pace for 100 RBI from THE LEADOFF SPOT for GODS SAKE, But He also will miss the All-Star game and we miss out on half the starters being Cubs. I disagree with Kurt though, I think we have enough fire power to keep up the pace to 100 wins. If anything a more conventional leadoff hitter with a higher onbase% then Soriano will kind of even out the loss of power. The two weeks he missed before was when the Cubs first got hot if you remember.
I say put Fukudome up in the leadoff spot since Edmonds is looking better he could protect Aramis, And Hoffpauir could go in Edmonds spot in the order.But what the hell do I know anyway right? F#@k Y#@ Jeff Bennett, If I see you on the feild tomorrow Im throwing a ball at your fat F@#K$#G Face!
Thanx for letting me vent GOAT RIDERS

Glass half full...

Yes, his production will be missed. Yes, whomever takes his place in the lineup will be lucky to produce 50% of his numbers during that stretch.

But, we still have Lee, Ramirez, Soto and DeRosa that have proven clutch hitting along with 'picking up the slack' experience. And now Fukudome is getting his groove back. If Edmunds can bat a solid .270 and drive in some runs and Theriot can hang in there, we should be better than .500 for the next 6 weeks.

The team's overall success will still be up to the pitching staff's success or lack there of. Losing Soriano does not make this a middle of the pack team.

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