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Game Recap: Cubs 10, Braves 5


Although they worked hard to make it interesting, the Cubs sure didn't look like they were sweating it tonight as they beat the Braves as if Atlanta owed them money.

I'd hardly say that they are out of their slumps, but both D.Lee and G.Soto contributed hugely to the Cubs tonight, as they were responsible for 5 Chicago runs tonight. Derrek accomplished his 2 RBI tally through a solo homerun in the 3rd and a sacrifice fly in the 8th, and Geo Soto managed 2 hits including the 3-run shot that sealed the deal for the Cubs in the 8th after Atlanta had come within 1 run.

The Rage v. Age Duel proved to be less a duel and more a demolition of Glavine. Old Tom couldn't get out of the 4th inning, having strained his elbow after surrendering 6 hits and 4 walks to 0 strikeouts. Ted Lilly, meanwhile, started off rocky by allowing a three-run homer in the 1st, but he then proceeded to buckle down and pitch into the 7th, leaving the game after 6.2 innings and 98 pitches. He struck out 8, he walked 3, and the Cubs looked to be comfortably in the lead until Bob Howry did his best to give Atlanta another shot at victory, as Atlanta was losing 6-5 in the 8th inning.

Thankfully, Kerry Wood avoided making yet another appearance after the Cubs exploded for 4 more runs in the bottom of the 8th, allowing Lou to turn to Jon Lieber in the 9th.

The Cubs are always capable of scoring a lot of runs, but after a series of ineptitude in Los Angeles, I was particularly hopeful that they would be able to score big against the Braves tonight. They were able to deliver, and not even Bobby "Crypt-keeper" Cox could wrangle a win for the Braves tonight. Yes folks, that's a cheesy lead-up to a photoshop:

Bobby Cox

One other note: based on Byron's poll, most of us would be satisfied this month should the Cubs win 14 games all month long. At this point, to accomplish that feat, Chicago will need to go 8-10 the rest of the month. In fact, I'm confident in saying that if the Cubs go 8-10 the rest of this month, at this stage, Cub fans will be singing Doom and Gloom.

On the off chance it happens, let's just try to maintain some perspective, 'kay? 14 wins in this, the toughest month on the schedule, would not be the end of the world. Far from it, 14 wins in June would probably be enough to extend the team's lead on the Deadbirds. I'm just saying.

You're like a hummingbird, man!

They hadn't even finished playing Go Cubs Go yet!

I started writing the recap

I started writing the recap in the 8th... but I posted as soon as it was final. I'm efficient that way.

Microcosm Game

Last night's game was reassuring in that the team showed the kind of ball that has gotten them to this point and that we should expect the rest of the season barring a major trade.

1) Shaky, but ultimately effective starting pitching because of...

2) A propensity for big runs tallied, especially late.

3) A shaky, but effective closing pitching because of...

4) A propensity for big runs tallied, especially late.

5) Errors on behalf of Soriano and maybe, just maybe, a running game on behalf of Soriano, Theriot, et al...

I've noticed that the stack of 300-plus averages has vanished, but I do not see this offense, which is strong top to bottom, slowing to the point of ineffectiveness for any real period of time. Afterall, this is still a team that HAS NOT LOST MORE THAN 2 GAMES IN A ROW. You do not do that without an ample offense supporting shaky, but effective pitching....though I would love more pitching by July 2.


One More Thing

The Cubs have scored 6 or more runs, (which is good enough to win against most teams, regardless of the quality of the Cubs pitching) in 28 wins of the 41 won games. This means nearly 70% of the time, or two out of every three games. Clearly, this is indicated in the fact that they have not lost more than two in a row. Granted 6 runs is arbitrary, but, they have only lost twice while scoring 6 runs or more.


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