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Game Recap: Double Take; Cubs 3, Dodgers 1


For the second straight day, the Cubs won a low-scoring affair against the mediocre Dodgers. However, this time they did it not with the long ball but with a few timely hits after a Dodger defensive miscue. The Cubs offense combined for an impressive 11 hits - with every regular but Fontenot and the Craptacular Jim Edmonds getting at least a hit - and the pitching delivered another solid performance.

I can't say enough good things about Sean Gallagher. He remains far from dominant, but maybe it's a mistake to expect any 22-year-old pitcher to "dominate" the opposition. Guys like Kerry Wood, Carlos Zambrano, and, yes, Mark Prior are hard to come by. However, while Gallagher didn't toy with the Dodgers as if they were his play things, he did pitch 7 strong innings, he allowed only 4 hits, 2 walks, and he struck out 3. He was followed by Carlos Marmol, who did his best Kerry Wood impression (1 hit, 2 walks, 1 strikeout), and by Kerry Wood in the 9th, who did a solid Marmol (1 hit, 0 walks, 2 k's).

Defensively, the Cubs had 2 more errors tonight - one from Soriano, whose throwing error in the 4th contributed to LA's single run scored. Alfonso has got to be feeling the pressure, as he is being heckled by the fans in the stands and derided by Bob Brenley. In a six month season, even the greats can have periods in which they look like utter tools, and while Soriano has far too many flaws to be called a "great," his positives will eventually outweigh his negatives. This is a guy who played shaky defense at second base for the Yankees. He should be able to handle any amount of crap that the Cubs fans lob his way.

Anyway, the Cubs will be playing for a sweep tomorrow - something which should be well within reach, as the Big Moose will be stepping to the mound.

Lastly, I want to spend a little bit of time addressing another hot topic - the incredibly crappy play of Jim Edmonds. Can you believe he's only been on the team for about a week and a half? In his time with the Cubs, Edmonds has managed to go 3 for 24. I will grant you that he had one tremendous defensive play, but c'mon, 3 for 24? It's about time for Jim Hendry to torpedo the Jim Edmonds experience, as Lassie has proven to be a Cub killer regardless of whether or not he wears Cardinals red or Cubs blue.

Send him home, already.

Edmonds Sucks!

And yet, Edmonds will start in center tomorrow.

The Dodgers are starting Derek Lowe, the righty. And the Cubs obviously think that there's no reason to write him off yet just because he's old, has been declining for several years, and wasn't producing so far this season - otherwise they wouldn't have signed him.

Life simply isn't fair, is it.

Edmonds gotta go

Goat riders I was at the game tonight, sitting in the rightfield bleachers with some friends and our Fukudome bobblehead's.During the big seventh inning rally after the double by Kosuke at the height of our cheering came the PA announcer's, centerfeilder Jim Edmonds, I could only compare it with putting a needle in a balloon. The man has to go. It is to the point where I feel sorry for him. It is like he is still playing for the Cardinals, He is helping them by being on the Cubs roster. I know why He wont just walk away the greed of that 8million that he is making. But why are the Cubs letting this former great player humiliate himself in front of fans who hated him to begin with.

Maybe THAT's it, boredblue

The Cubs are letting this former great player humiliate himself in front of fans who hated him to begin with, just out of spite?

The ultimate eff-you? Could be. I like THAT angle...

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