Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Game Recap: Cubs 7, Rockies 6, Kerry Wood blows (a save)

Tonight, the Cubs made history, becoming the second ever major league team to win 10,000 games. Simultaneously, Lou Piniella won his 100th game as Cubs skipper, the bullpen was taxed in a Hill start yet again, and perhaps most importantly, the Cubs remain undefeated in games that require extra frames.

Oh, and Kerry Wood looked absolutely brilliant - right until he failed to seal the deal. What's up with that?

I'm all about not being Jump to Conclusions Guy, but Wood's inconsistency has me worried. While he's certainly no LaTroy Hawkins, he's also proving to be no John Smoltz. However, Carlos Marmol - who saved the game in the 10th - is without a doubt more valuable in a middle relief-setup role, and I think that Wood needs to have a few more weeks before he gets abandoned.

Offensively, the Cubs remain outstanding. They're playing like champions right now - they score early and late, and any time they lose a lead it doesn't feel like a far cry at all to assume that they will regain it. Derrek Lee had another outstanding game, going 4 for 5 with a triple, and it was Aramis Ramirez's clutch 9th inning 2-run homerun that gave the Cubs the chance to win. Additionally, Geo Soto played big. Like Lee, he went 4 for 5. Like Ramirez, he went deep.

Overall, the Cubs offense collected 14 hits and drew 3 walks. Crikey, these guys are just absurd.

As far as the pitching staff performed, we've already discussed the concerning behavior of Kerry Wood and the dominating performance by Carlos Marmol. It should also be noted that Rich Hill pitched a solid five innings. Unfortunately, he actually pitched in six innings and he was chased after giving up a homerun to Clint Barnes and then walking Todd Helton. Michael "Used to be Good but then He Got" Wuertz couldn't stop the bleeding and left Hill on the hook for a second run after Garrett Atkins drove in Helton. Then, Jon Lieber came in and served up a painful three run homer to Tulowitzki. Heh. Tulowitzki. Not bad.

The Cubs play for a sweep tomorrow, and at this moment they are now 9 games over .500, and 2 games ahead of the second place Brewers. For the record, the Cubs didn't reach 9 games over .500 last season until September 22nd. Seriously.



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