Goatriders of the Apocalypse

I am compelled to comment about Wood

Kerry Wood is one of my five all-time favorite Cubs; thus, one of my five all-time favorite athletes. 

But he has pitched in the 7th inning, at Spring Training, two days in a row.  Based on that most rigorous beta testing by Uncle Lou and Rothschild, Wood is being anoited the closer for Your 100th Anniversary Chicago Cubs.

This underwhelms me, to say the least.  Based on that level of rigor, I totally believe Silda Wall when she says she ain't leaving her hubby, Client #9.  I also totally believe my dad when he tells me that his buddies down at the Coal City McDonalds insist that Obama is going to choose Farrakhan is his running mate.

I realize it is impossible to simulate the level of pressure inherent in the 9th inning of a August game in Mesa, and I might also give you the fact that for Kerry Wood the pressure of actually throwing two days in a row without hurting himself is quite substantial itself.  But this was not a good enough test for me, this year, with this much on the line.

This 2008 Cubs team needs to be Foolproof!  Wood's audition is like Kevin Bacon getting into Omega House with just ONE swat on the ass. 


Show me one foolproof team, just one. Please.

This is a message of Big Brother.

Small World

So does any of your family actually live in Coal City? I live over in Morris. I didn't expect to find anyone with ties to Grundy County to be a big time player on a major blog.

Back to baseball, I wouldn't worry too much about Kerry. If he doesn't get the job done, Piniella will give the job to somebody else. Lou isn't as mindless as Dusty when it comes to making adjustments. We can all remember how Dusty wouldn't give anyone else the job when Hawkins was a train wreck as closer in 2004, but the Soriano centerfield experiment didn't last too long last season with Lou in charge.

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