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It is the story that will not die!

First off, let me assure all the ladies, and ladies wearing men's clothing, that your darling Markie will get his 500 plate apps this year...just not all while playing second base.  He will grumble a little about not having a position, but when we are winning games by manufacturing offense, Mr. DeRosa, if he is the 'gamer' I think he is, will be more than happy to play 'rover' on a team with Brian Roberts playing second base full time.

When there is smoke there is fire, somewhere close, and since every last national, local, and blogal source is expecting this trade, then there will be a trade, no matter how many times Clark Kenney or whatever the hell his name is cares to deny it.

Only problems I have with it, and they are small ones, no showstoppers, begin with the fact that the delay suggests that the Cubs must include Pie.  Not apple, cherry, or even french silk, but Felix, the richest of all the flavors.  I am not in agreement with them that claim that Felix Pie is Spanish for "Corey Patterson".  His attitude suggests that he is open to suggestion, and someday soon he will figure this game out and dominate, perhaps as a Fonz Soriano who can actually catch fly balls.  (BTW: forgive me if I ain't buyin' the "sudden pain on Monday" excuse for his recent surgery to repair the, uh, torsion.  Don't you think if they are going to trade the guy, they needed to have that cleared up?  I thought he HAD a surgery to correct it a few weeks ago?)

Another small problem is that it appears that Cedeno and Murton will stay.  Seems McFail wants Pie, either Marshall or Gallagher (probably the latter) and a Jose Ceda-like figure, as is his right.  I don't blame him for this.  But I was hoping to send them the physically blessed but mentally challenged Ronny.  Even though I think Murton is gonna whine about a lack of PT, because after all, DeRosa will become the defacto 4th outfielder, that is a lesser problem than having to find room for the options-free Cedeno, who never met a base he couldn't overrun.

The last teensy problem is the resultant hole left in CF.  Don't even tell me Sam Fuld, or else I am gonna tell you, in return, to go back over there and play with yer Lincoln Logs or WebKins or whatever it is you kids play with these days.  For various mentality reasons, I don't want Cedeno out there either, which means that either we must (my preferred option) hope for someone like Eric Patterson to grab the position, or else we trade for Coco Crisp or some other chocolatey cereal product.  This would most likely mean the removal of the Marquis de Suck, which isn't the worst thing, I guess. 

I'm not the biggest Crisp fan, either (the man, not the cereal, which is yummy) but if we are lookng short term 2008 style, do we want Roberts batting first, Soriano batting fifth, and Crisp batting eighth, or Soriano batting first, DeRosa batting fifth, and Pie batting eighth?

Yeah, me too.

Great Post

As an O's fan, it's refreshing to read a Cubs fan post a legit concept of what this trade most likely will be in the end.

It got tiring hearing all the Cedeno, Murton, Marshall, Patterson scenarios. Throwaway parts for an All Star. Would any Cubs fan like to trade one of their current All Stars for a group of throwaway parts? Just because the O's are rebuilding doesn't mean we take any deal on the table. That doesn't really help the rebuilding effort.

It seems you realize that you actually have to give up "future" prospect talent for current established talent.

I believe Pie, Gallagher, Cedeno, Veal will be what gets the job done and possibly we throw Payton back in.

I understand why Cubs fans hate this idea as it is always tough to give up your young non-established talent.

That's the talent you generally rest your hopes for the future on. Us O's fans have been waiting for that future talent to pan out for 10 years now.

The Cubs are set to win now, which means in a trade you give up parts of the future to win now.

I hate to see Roberts leave the O's but I respect the Cubs & their fans and I can guarantee you when he gets in your lineup you are going to see a game changing element added.

I'm sorry but Pie won't be included...

I know as an O's fan that you'd want the most in return for the beloved Brain Roberts. Fact of the matter is that O's fans are over-valuing B-Rob. Is he a fine player...?? Yes....is he worth top notch prospects in return...not exactly.

If he where don't you think there would be a line of GMs rushing in to trade for him? The only other team that seriously inquired about Roberts was Cleveland and as soon as they heard the asking price they laughed and walked away.

What does that tell you...??

You are looking at guy who had a great first half last year then petered out to where he should be....a .290 hitter...with 10-12 hR....35 SBs....100 runs and 50 or so RBI...

You have to look at this from an opposing GMs point of view....consider that Roberts has never slugged above .500....that he is a speed guy who will be another year older....that like it or not he has been linked to performance enhancement drugs....and he's a guy who will be under your control for only 2 seasons....

You are not going to trade the farm for a guy like that....

Epecially when you consider the prohibitive price of young starting pitching these days...

Sorry Pie is not going anywhere....there just is no way that Hendry creates another hole by trading away a guy who has the talent to outproduce Roberts sooner rather than later...not to mention the fact that Pie already plays gold glove caliber D at one of the more important defensive positions on the diamond....and there is little chance that Hendry is going to accept Payton and his God awful contract back in a 4 for one deal...

IMO...AT MOST You are looking at Gallahger...Veal...Cedeno...Patterson deal....

Already that may be too much in that the Cubs would be giving you your starting SS for this year and beyond....your starting 2nd baseman by the all-star break this year....your number 4 or 5 starter in Gallahger...and a guy in Veal who has the stuff to be an eventual number 2 or 3 starter....

If you ask me that is a pretty nice haul for Roberts....

Especially when you consider that the Cubs may very well walk away....then where does that leave the Os...?? I'll tell you where....stuck in neutral with a guy who loses more and more value as the season ticks away.....

Why stop there?

If Pie must go, and I am finally coming around to the idea that he should be included in the trade, why not try to acquire Sherrill as well? He is a "win now" type of a player who has a few (2-3) good years left in his arm. This just in...Scott Eyre isn't very good anymore. Pie will be good one day, but probably not for the Cubbies, oh well. The Cubs better re-up Roberts in a few years then. Those 2B are playing forever these days (see Ray Durham).

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